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Musical Journey Activity Book Solos 1A

Musical Journey Activity Book Solos 1A

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The primary focus of level 1A of the Musical Journey is reinforcing technical and musical skills required in Tales of a Musical Journey. Level 1A collection consists of folk tunes and pedagogical pieces that will foster children’s imaginations as they create stories, color, or draw pictures. The pages contained in these activity books are concise, with elements of fun and creativity, enabling the students to practice concepts they have learned during their lessons. The “Discovery Time” pages encourage the development of analytical skills from the very beginning of lessons.
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Tales of a Musical Journey

Tales of a Musical Journey is a piano method for beginner students. The series primarily targets ages 4-7; however, older piano students will benefit from it, too!

Books 1A, 1B, and 2 of Tales of a Musical Journey cover the span of the first year of piano lessons. Studying with this piano method will sufficiently prepare all for playing classical repertoire.

Musical Journey Series

Upon completion of Tales of a Musical Journey or other beginner piano method books, students may begin the Musical Journey Series.

Pieces in this collection serve as transitional repertoire
toward more advanced music works as well as effective, technical, or sight-reading material.

Supplemental Sheet Music