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Piano method

Written in the form of a chapter book, Tales of a Musical Journey piano method is using a fairy tale setting and characters to introduce and expand musical concepts in lessons.

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Media for lessons

Free play-along tracks, CDs & Video Demos were created for that special and all encompassing musical journey during the early stages of learning to play the piano.

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Teachers page

Browse free resources, enroll in the Piano Pedagogy Course, watch videos, discover everything there is to know about the method and register as a Tales of a Musical Journey method teacher! 

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Parents page

Find out how and why the Tales of a Musical Journey method books have changed approach to lessons in many parents and teachers. Read hundreds of testimonials. Find Tales teacher for your child.

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Musical Journey Books

Level 1a and 1B repertoire collections of solos, etudes and duets include folk tunes, original and pedagogical pieces.

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Supplemental sheet music

Sheet music catalogue features original piano works by the contemporary composers. Preview and audio are available!

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Props for lessons

Squeezy ball to form a good hand shape, butterfly to develop non legato, mini noise putty to develop a better sound!


Activity books

These brand new Activity books were developed for using alongside Irina Gorin’s Tales of a Musical Journey method.

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A perfect first recital piece!

Natalia Sokolova's Fantasia
on Handel’s La Passacaglia
Piano Duet

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Five key facts about the Tales Method

  • The Tales method includes only two books unlike other popular piano methods for beginners.
  • After an extensive research it is based on the Classical Russian piano school and the best in the American approach in teaching to play the piano.
  • The Tales students start playing with the 3rd finger on non legato.
  • The Tales teachers use a non-positional approach in order to develop healthy technique naturally.
  • After completing both books, students seamlessly transition to the core classical repertoire.
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