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Intervalia by Anastasiya Komlikova (PDF + Soundtrack)

Intervalia by Anastasiya Komlikova (PDF + Soundtrack)

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This is a collection of piano pieces-”transformers” Intervalia by Ukrainian composer Anastasia Komlikova. This edition continues the series called Fairytale Piano, launched in 2017. The main idea of the series is to create a new repertoire for music school students, which meets modern criteria of art education, reflects the unity of music theory and practice, and encourages active learning through musical and visual images.


Intervalia is a suite of 10 piano pieces composed in different styles to demonstrate the structure and the sound of different intervals. Each piece can be played in three ways:

1) as a solo piece (in the score it is always the first part regardless of the register);

2) as a four-hand duet (when the second part is added, it can significantly change the appearance of the piece). The relative simplicity of the second part allows it to be performed not only by a teacher, but also by an intermediate level student;

3) as a piano miniature accompanied by an orchestra (soundtracks are available for each piece).

Conveniently , the soundtracks are recorded at three different tempos and are available by scanning the corresponding QR-code located at the top of the page.

Please note that every piece is written in a different genre (etude, invention, rondo, sonatina, etc.) indicated by the title of each piece. Several pieces have additional exercises located on the student’s page.

Color illustrations help convey the creative content of the pieces.

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