Thank you Irina for creating Tales of a Musical Journey! I love everything about Tales and I wish I had Tales when I started teaching. The creativity, the analogies, the stories, the music, the practice prompts, the props used for technique, theory, transposition and most importantly the use of only one finger, finger 3 (followed by finger 2 and 4 before the thumb and 5th finger are introduced) over the five-finger position- (using all five fingers at once) are fantastic features of Tales of a Musical Journey. Everything is all in one book so there is no need to buy 4 different books for one method! I have looked through many different method books and I have not been satisfied with how technique is taught. I cannot stress how important technique is and Irina Gorin’s Tales of a Musical Journey involves technique right from the beginning in a kid-friendly way! For teachers who teach classical repertoire, Tales of Musical Journey prepares the young pianist by avoiding the potential problems five-finger positions give such as poor reading skills and fingering choices when they encounter intermediate to advanced leveled repertoire. My students love the colourful pictures and the stories. Their parents are impressed with their children’s progress and how accessible it is. Every piano teacher should have Tales of a Musical Journey for all young beginners! Those who are older will benefit from Tales tremendously! Your students and parents will thank you for it!

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