Natalia Faris (piano teacher, Canada)

I think the biggest advantage of “Tales” over other methods is its focus on proper technique from the start and not “locking into” 5-finger position. “Tales” is also my preferred method for teaching young beginners with small hands and weak fingers.

Rachel Wilke (piano teacher, USA)

I have used several different methods in my studio and have experimented with using “Tales” with my new beginners. I love the way “Tales” focuses on relaxed hands, arms and correct finger shapes with a focus on musicality and emotional content. They don’t get stuck with certain fingers on certain notes of a hand position […]

Shelley Hays (piano teacher, USA)

I’ve been teaching with Tales for about 2 years now. Establishing proper hand position and movement right at the beginning is very important to me. Starting with finger 3 and then 3 and 2 plus the delightful short pieces allow me to concentrate rate on that easily. My students play with so much more fluidity […]

Louise Ableman, piano teacher, UK

The students who I teach with “Tales of a Musical Journey” don’t get stuck on certain fingers ‘having’ to be on certain notes. I find their reading is better. For younger students I like the speed that new notes are introduced which allows more time to focus on technique. The children like that they are singing […]

Ryan Kolodziej (piano teacher, Canada)

I used to use Bastien and Alfred’s methods, which are both similar in the way that they incorporate fixed hand positions and an “accelerated” style of learning which I would have to supplement with other exercises to encourage musicality and correct technique. In a year, all of my beginners who started with Tales have an […]

Milla Gotlib (piano teacher, USA)

Students move along faster. Other methods stay on just black keys for extremely long time. Faber introduces eights notes only in the 2nd level. Out of all methods (Faber, Alfred, Bastien) Faber pays most attention to technique and artistry, but “Tales” are more detailed and more consistent in reminding to use relaxed hands, arms, and […]