Joy Huff (piano teacher, USA)

Dear Irina! I just wanted to let you know that I’m enjoying your method “Tales of a Musical Journey!” My student if 9 y.o. and her hands and arms are looking beautifully. I will always use “Tales of a Musical Journey” for new students from now on! I wish you were near by, so I […]

Irina Zayaruzny (piano teacher, USA)

My students taught with the “Tales of a Musical Journey” are comfortable to play any key with any finger : no more stiff 5 fingers position , when they are playing as if typing on the computer . So we got reading the notes under much better control. Other most important is: our hands got […]

Tracey Alene Baetzel (piano teacher, USA)

I’ve tried Tales with very young beginners (3, 4 and 5 year olds) – (none have musical parents) and the material is very accessible. The backing tracks are GREAT! We use them for movement before learning the piece (marching in time, clapping and counting in time) and when they’re ready to play the notes they […]

Kay Lang (piano teacher, USA)

I tasted almost all methods books with my students when I started my teacher’s practice here, because I love to do a research with something new for me. Last year I taught my beginners only with “Tales” and some Russian piano books and authors for beginners. It’s a big difference. If with previous method books […]