Sandra Scruton (piano teacher, Canada)

I’ve been teaching since 1985, and began teaching with Alfred’s Basic Piano Library, which I used for many years. One of the strengths of the method I felt was the supporting materials, not only of theory books, but flashcards and notespeller books, and I still use the flashcards and notespellers to this day. Over the […]

Rachel Wilke (piano teacher, USA)

Tales is a great series because it focuses on proper technic and musicality right from the start. It works extreemely well for students with small hands and weak fingers and all the students who used this method in my studio had better technic and played more musically than those who used other series. I will […]

Susan Kight (piano teacher, USA)

I’ve had the privilege of being mentored by Irina for several years, and the results show in my teaching. The beautiful tones that my students work to create on the piano make their music come alive. Thank you, Irina, for helping me to help my students!

Nicole Douglas (piano teacher, USA)

I have had the great privilege of attending two of Irina Gorin’s workshops over the past two summers. The depth of knowledge she has to share about how to reach young children but also help them to create a musical sound is unmatched. Since this method is different from traditional American methods, I highly recommend […]

Jeroo Mistry (piano teacher, India)

I can truly vouch for Irina Gorin’s “Tales of a Musical Journey.” They are really superlative compared to the other method books in the market. They really are the best that I’ve come across in my so many years of teaching. I’ve used Tales for Beginners, transfer students, with elementary students, and even adult Beginners. […]