M-C M., (piano teacher, France)

Good Morning Madame,

(excuse my english, it’s not my native language)

I discovered your channel last week, and I am very happy to receive soon (I am so impatient), your method… I am a french piano teacher, and thanks to Neuhaus, the Boosey and Hawks “Russian school”, and all the wonderful russian pianists from present and past, I am already a great fan and admirer of your way and approch to teach the beginners…

But, I please, please you, to continue your generose share…What happen the years after ??? How do you manage the steps after ??? I love the way you make the piano sing and / or run, but I would like details… I think it’s not possible to build such a virtuosity and musicality with only 30′ by week, or do you have magic secret ???

PLEASE, write a book, with your principles, your pedagogy, your steps,

please, we need it !

sincerely, with all my admiration,

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