Savithri (piano teacher USA)

Dear Irina,
At least once a week I watch your students on You Tube. There are a few of them I do really enjoy watching, specially little Emily playing the Cavalry gallop.

And today I discovered more videos and you teaching staccato touch to a student. That was wonderful. I hope you will have many more of these to come— teaching videos. In-fact before seeing that I was going to ask you what technique or teaching methods you do to achieve such FAST , LIQUID fingers from your young students? If you don’t mind sharing with me the secret to it I would really appreciate.

I guess you are getting ready to start yet another year of teaching. I will be starting next week and all excited. I plan to show off your students performing to my students during our monthly group performance classes.

Thank you for sharing your talent and your students.

Best Wishes,

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