Wendy Prevezer

Hello Irina. I had a compliment this week from a local teacher who has taken on a few of my students…I specialise in young beginners and have a huge waiting list so I move them on at age 8. A well- respected local teacher, whose mother is also a very well respected and established local […]


Thank you Irina for creating Tales of a Musical Journey! I love everything about Tales and I wish I had Tales when I started teaching. The creativity, the analogies, the stories, the music, the practice prompts, the props used for technique, theory, transposition and most importantly the use of only one finger, finger 3 (followed […]

Craig Peterson (parent)

Hi Irina! I don’t know Anthony told you but, after a rigorous audition process, he was offered and has accepted the exclusive Nordan Scholarship from the TCU School of Music. This is a four year, full tuition scholarship. I have always attributed a large part of Anthony’s musical success to your teaching and mentorship from the very […]

Rowan Squire-Willey (studio graduate)

Hello, Irina! It has been so long since I have seen you or spoken to you! I miss you a great deal, and would love to see you soon to catch up! I don’t know if you’ve heard much of how last semester has completely changed my course and my life for the better. I […]

Grace Dalrymple (piano teacher)

Dear Irina, I have 16 piano students, and I’ve been teaching for about 2 years. I just wanted to let you know that your videos of you teaching your students have been very useful and have helped me significantly with teaching technique and artistry, which is something I struggled with a lot when I first […]

Joni Chan (piano teacher, USA)

Little teaching success: ALL returning students in Irina Gorin’s method book “Tales of Musical Journey” were able to recognize G clef G and F Clef F. I only had to ask students who lives on the second line – they say Princess Melody Grace and Prince Frederic. I recommend this method book!