Five key facts about the Tales Method

  • The Tales method includes only two books unlike other popular piano methods for beginners.
  • After an extensive research it is based on the Classical Russian piano school and the best in the American approach in teaching to play the piano.
  • The Tales students start playing with the 3rd finger on non legato.
  • The Tales teachers use a non-positional approach in order to develop healthy technique naturally.
  • After completing both books, students seamlessly transition to the core classical repertoire.
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Five key facts about Irina Gorin

  • Since 2013, Irina Gorin presented workshops, seminars, and webinars for over sixty thousand piano teachers.
  • She presented in the UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Israel, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, eighteen cities in mainland China, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Puerto Rico and many States in America.
  • Gorin is a Piano Performance and Piano Pedagogy Professor at CCAA College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts 中国东盟艺术学院 and Visiting Professor at Chengdu University 成都大学.
  • She is the founder and president of the Carmel Klavier International Piano Competition.
  • Gorin holds Master’s Degrees in Piano Performance, Piano Pedagogy, Chamber Ensemble, and Accompaniment.

I am under your inspirational spell and will remain so.

Your visit was far more than just the workshop. I am sure that I speak for us all that your three days with us were so very special – learning, sharing, discussing, enjoying being together and getting to know each other and most of all – meeting you.

Thank you, Irina, and with very best wishes,

Elizabeth Stanley
Workshop with EPTA West Sussex, UK
July 2016

This course is invaluable!

Thank you, Irina, for a great and informative session today (May 12th, 2020) on establishing a parent/student/teacher relationship and the importance of parental involvement during the lessons and at home. During the course of my undergraduate and two graduate degrees from Universities and Conservatory in the USA, I took several Piano Pedagogy courses and I realized how much of the information was missing and not addressed at all. We always miss the point of discussing physiology and teaching good sound and musicality to young children from the start. It is so very important! I have a feeling that music education in general is approached always through a scientific, detached approach but forgetting that we are dealing with children and different personalities. 

Elena Nezhdanova, DMA, USA
Piano Pedagogy Course with irina Gorin

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The fifteen sessions course is the equivalent of one semester of a university-level Piano Pedagogy course. The principles that will be covered can be applied to teaching with other method books, beginners of all ages, transfer students and/or more advanced students who need help with technique.

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Live Sessions with Irina Gorin take place every Tuesday at 10:00 AM EST time.

Topics include essential information about teaching beginners, handouts and homework for every teacher to reinforce the knowledge received during the webinar!

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Buy a video recording of every session or the one which you are interested the most!

The video will be available to watch on the page on this website.

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Recommended if you are new to Tales! 

This interactive Question and Answer online webinar with Irina Gorin is a great way to dig deeper into the method. 

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Book your Individual Online Pedagogy 45 minutes session with Irina Gorin and get advice, guidance, and tips to improve your piano teaching. You’ll be contacted within the next 24 hours to schedule your online session.

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Since the beginning, Irina Gorin always felt that the workshops were one of the best ways to connect with teachers and this is why she visited many States in the US, China and Southeast Asia, Australia and Europe. 

Dear Teacher,

Welcome to the Tales Teachers registration!

If you are using Tales of a Musical Journey piano method with beginners in your lessons, why not join our growing Tales Teachers Team!

There could be many potential piano students in your area who are looking for the Tales Teacher and our easy to use online form was created to help you to connect with them.

So far, our extensive database lists nearly 400 professional piano teachers from 37 countries and I am looking forward to welcoming you to our musical community! 

Before entering any details, please read the information below:

1. Keep in mind that this page was created only for piano teachers who are using Tales of a Musical Journey piano method.

2. Your personal listing will appear in the Tales Teachers database within 2-3 weeks.

3. Do not enter any personal information (i.e. your home address, phone number, etc.).

4. After filling the form, you can revisit the form below in order to check your information.

5. Email with any questions regarding this database.

Irina Gorin

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Please watch the Introductory video session for the Tales Pedagogy Course Level 1. It is 90 minutes long and includes plenty of essential information about teaching with Tales of a Musical Journey method for beginners.


Irina Gorin YouTube channel includes many recordings of lessons with Gorin’s students. 

Audience for both YouTube channels includes nearly 12K followers for each channel and the videos were watched nearly one million times!

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Tales of a Musical Journey YouTube channel offers an excellent opportunity for discovering Gorin’s teaching style, secrets and all the tools in the box she is using successfully with her own students.