Tales of a Musical Journey Book 1A (English)

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The new edition of Tales Book 1!

There are some significant changes in layout, and several pages are added to help reinforce theory and technique concepts for young students. Because of this, Book 1 is split into two books – Book 1A and Book 1B.

What is different?

* The stories are now inside lightly shaded boxes, so everyone can more easily go back and read the fairy tale again.

* Homework assignments are better explained and more writing activities were added.

* Some of the pictures were updated, so many different children can be represented in the books.

* Where needed, lyrics were rewritten to better fit the English language.

* Both books will have a QR code that points teachers and students to the Tales YouTube channel, which has many helpful videos demonstrating concepts and songs from each chapter. (We’ve been working hard to update this YouTube channel, as well.)

* Book 1A more fully explains non legato and introduces direction of notes (going up, going down). It ends with the Grand Staff Castle chapter.

* Book 1B starts right away with reading on the Grand Staff and gradually helps students notice the difference between steps and skips on the staff.

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