Following the success of the Piano Pedagogy Course for teachers, this brand new Piano Parents Course was created by Irina Gorin for parents whose children are about to start or already having piano lessons.

Includes a professional and to the point advice based on a long and successful career in piano pedagogy in the United States and Internationally.

Bonus 1: First meeting with the student – evaluation of abilities.
Bonus 2: Video tour of Irina Gorin studio.
Session 1: Goals for piano lessons.
Session 2: Choosing the right teacher.
Session 3: When the child is ready for piano lessons?
Session 4: Organizing the workplace at home.
Session 5: Parental help at the lessons and at home.
Session 6: Preparation for the first public performance.
Session 7: Child’s musical growth.

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Five key facts about the Tales Method

  • The Tales method includes only two books unlike other popular piano methods for beginners.
  • After an extensive research it is based on the Classical Russian piano school and the best in the American approach in teaching to play the piano.
  • The Tales students start playing with the 3rd finger on non legato.
  • The Tales teachers use a non-positional approach in order to develop healthy technique naturally.
  • After completing both books, students seamlessly transition to the core classical repertoire.
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Meet Irina Gorin

Any parent knows only too well that the right kind of teaching approach will make all the difference in their child’s musical education.

Irina Gorin is a creator of the Tales of the Musical Journey piano method for beginners. In this short video, she introduces herself and her method as well as highlights the importance of the parental involvement in their child’s musical education.

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Read hundreds of reviews and stories from parents and teachers describing how Tales method has improved students progress! 

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Dear parents and guardians,

To help you with your search in finding an experienced Tales piano teacher in your area, my team has created a very simple online search form.

The extensive database includes nearly 400 piano teachers from 37 countries and each and one of them will be able to teach your child to play the piano using the Tales of a Musical Journey.

Tales of a Musical Journey is a popular piano method for beginners which is successfully used in over ninety countries.

The books are available in fifteen languages.

Please contact me if you have any questions or use the search below!

Let’s the musical journey begin!

Irina Gorin

The Iconic trailblazer in piano teaching

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Educate parents on the value of piano

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Irina Gorin on teaching beginners

Interview with Tim Topham