Individual piano lessons are offered twice a week in 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions, depending on the student’s age/level. Students are expected to practice daily on a well-maintained acoustic piano.  As part of taking private lessons, students are provided with a variety of studio opportunities. They will be involved in class recitals and students that commit themselves will be able to participate in local, state, national and international competitions.

  • Parental support and participation are required for successful and steady progress

  • Regular lessons and regular practice between lessons will facilitate steady improvement.

  • Practicing classical repertoire will enable the steady development of professional piano technique.

  • Students are encouraged to listen to recordings and attend public concerts, master classes, and other musical events in order to develop musical experience. 

Monthly Music Theory  and History of Music Group Lessons taught in small groups based on the age and level of students once a month.
Music Theory and History of Music lessons are inseparable components of the music curriculum.
They develop a student’s familiarity with musical terminology, logical thinking skills, and ability to analyze musical compositions—resulting in a better understanding of and appreciation for music as an art.

Irina has 35 years of experience and teaches any ages and levels. She is a member of many teacher’s organizations including: