Tales of a Musical Journey: Book 1

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Book 1:

The primary focus of the first book is to learn the necessary technical skills through freedom and flexibility of all upper body parts; shoulders, arms, wrists, and fingers. Devoted exclusively to non-legato playing, the first book teaches the correct touch and tone production starting playing with finger #3. Once the basic skills are acquired, new aspects of piano playing are added.

The rhythm is introduced and developed through clapping, marching, counting out loud and playing with accompaniment. Once an understanding of rhythmic pulse is grasped, the student will learn the time values of the notes.


3 reviews for Tales of a Musical Journey: Book 1

  1. Shelley Hays

    This method has changed my life as a piano teacher! I’ve taught for over 40 years and had been looking for some method of teaching piano technique with emphasis on arm weight and flexibility to young beginners. I have found it in Tales! Irina’s method and her wonderful videos have inspired my teaching and transformed my students! They beg me to work in the “Fairy Tale” book!

  2. Jennica

    That insigst’s perfect for what I need. Thanks!

  3. Kristine Janusa

    This is THE BEST method to teach beginners at the piano!

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