Tales of a Musical Journey: Book 1 (includes CD hardcopy) (Ships only within USA)


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Written in a form of a chapter book, “Tales of a Musical Journey” uses fairy tale setting and characters to introduce and expand musical concepts. Through the series, the young minds are set on a journey through fictitious musical land, where they become friends with the inhabitants of the Magic Kingdom of Sounds. Entertaining and logically interconnected stories develop a young student’s understanding and appreciation of music and piano playing. Comprehensive analogies with the Fairy Tale characters and their adventures make complicated techniques easy and fun. Ear training exercises and theory activities further train and develop young musical ears.

The series is primarily targeted towards 4-6 y.o. beginning piano students. However, older beginners may benefit from it as well. Books 1 and 2 cover the span of the first year of study and will sufficiently prepare the students for the classical repertoire. This series should not be used for self-taught purposes. The success may only be achieved under a guidance of a trained instructor and a watchful eye of an involved parent.

A hardcopy CD of the accompanying music for Book 1 is available for English version.



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